People are Talking About Amy!

What People Have to Say about Amy:

“I’ve never voted Dem, not that I wouldnt, but never have, until Amy Kedron. Shes the only candidate here that gives a crap about our environment. Its FL people, not just your bread and tourist butter, but your surroundings!!!!”

-Sandi M.


“YOU are getting my vote because you are SO INVOLVED. The entire government needs more people like you, who get in there and DO things and don’t worry about fundraising and catering to lobbyists. <3″

-Danielle R.


“We greeted each other at “Hands along the Water”, I see tons of events you are attending and initiating. YOU are in the ” trenches”, listening to people and fighting for better. Anyone can sit at a desk, sign motions they have no knowledge of. You Maam, are wearing out shoes….and I thank you.”

-Deb P.


“Amy, Your meeting tonight was a living exercise in the power of democracy. I am awed by your dedication to PUBLIC SERVICE and your understanding of the creativity and impact that community members bring to addressing the issues they face. You provide a beacon of leadership and a commitment to rise above partisanship that can heal divisions. You are the future we deserve. Thank you for having the courage to undertake this arduous path to political office.”

-Susan M.


“I see your hard work posted on FB daily and I’m so jealous that you’re running in Florida instead of Buffalo. The work you did for local businesses in Buffalo, before the local movement had taken off, made a HUGE difference. Your constituents would be so lucky to have you as a representative, because Buffalo benefited just from having you as a active resident ❤️

-Jenna P.


“Dear Amy,  What a pleasure it was to hear you speak yesterday at St. Petersburg College…May your efforts inspire others to vote.  You are knowledgeable, intelligent and a true professional.  Your vision for the future is realistic and needs to be implemented.” —

-David L.


“I highly recommend Amy Kedron.  She genuinely cares about our environment and is firmly committed to being a green economy leader who will get things done! Come together right now! #VoteWater”

-Barbara E.


“Thank you for an informative evening. It was nice to have a candidate encourage an open and respectful dialogue on real local issues.”

-Amanda S.


Amy Kedron all the way! She is the real deal! We need her now more than ever.”

-Sara D.


“If you are running for a public office in FL, and the ENVIRONMENT and WATER are not your priority, dont waste taxpayers time. Thx Amy Kedron for being the only candidate whose actions speak louder than words!”

-Sandi M.


“Real solutions for Pinellas based on Pinellas peoples priorities- vote Amy Kedron!!”

-Susan S.


“Amy Kedron you are an amazing spirit of energy that can turn this (and other things) around! You understand the law, human rights, and fairness for people at all levels! The environment and doing what’s right for the greater good are your passions and I want your message to be heard loud and clear!” #amysupporter
-Barb M.


“This is the kind of leadership Florida needs.
Pinellas, vote Amy Kedron for County Commissioner.
We need a proven leader who knows how to create jobs, grow the economy, *and* save the environment while doing it.

Kathleen Peters is a Republican sellout. She votes for the toxic deregulation that caused our red tide and environmental catastrophe.  She was so bad, her own District didn’t even want her to represent them anymore.  Now she’s trying to sell snake oil to Pinellas — and we don’t need snake oil when we’re still cleaning up from an oil spill.

@AmyKedron is a *real* leader, who understands how to get things done in government, industry, and the community.

She built a massive economic development organization that created LOCAL jobs, fueled the growth of a *green* economy, and during Hurricane Irma she *stayed* to help her community prepare and organize for a natural disaster and emergency response that the state never prepared for or responded to.

And she did all of this *while fighting cancer*.

Kathleen Peters took money from lobbyists, to pass bills that destroyed our environment, endangered school kids for the sake of the NRA, and deprived healthcare from millions of Floridians.

Florida is the Sunshine State.
It’s time to say goodbye to political hurricanes like Kathleen Peters, and vote for real public leaders like Amy Kedron.

We deserve a breath of fresh air — literally and metaphorically.  Do Pinellas a favor, and vote for Amy Kedron for County Commissioner.  We have *everything* to gain.”

-Jhanavi P.




“I want my friends in district #6 to vote for the best County Commissioner candidate Amy Kedron.”  -Eliseo S.