About Amy Kedron

Dr. Amy Kedron was born in Buffalo, NY and grew up on a street that had about as many factories on it, as homes. When American jobs were sent overseas, Amy saw how it destroyed not only wages, but communities. As a Catholic School student, there were only nine kids in her fourth grade class because parents could no longer afford tuition. Soon after, the school closed as well as the church, local businesses and grocery stores. What was once a tight-knit, community began to feel hopeless.

So Amy did something about it. She was determined to understand the root causes of her hometown’s challenges, so she became the first person in her family to go to college. She earned two Ivy League degrees, a doctoral degree and a law degree researching and then implementing the best ways to put economies, communities and families back together.

Amy came up with solutions that directly helped people. She became the founding CEO of a social enterprise that encouraged people to support local businesses and an economy that works for everyone. She educated business owners about cost-saving things they could do to help the environment and create more wealth for the local community. She also helped launch a think tank with Cornell University that worked to research and implement local policies that made the community a stronger, healthier, more livable place for all.

It also worked to ensure that major economic development projects are sustainable and impactful. Small businesses are booming again in Buffalo, the city now has some of the fastest-growing property values in the nation and people have hope.
Amy left frosty Buffalo for sunny Florida in 2010 and began working as a professor at USF St. Petersburg and Ringling College, teaching students how to build stronger businesses, organizations and communities. Through the classroom her students have impacted dozens of community organizations and hundreds of lives. Amy understands that when people work together they can accomplish great things and it is important for us to come together right now.

She understands how much local politics can change lives as well. You can trust politicians most by what they have done. Amy has a twenty-year record of dedicating herself to building healthier, stronger communities and she will continue doing these things for you as your next District 6, Pinellas County Commissioner. Come Together, Right Now! Elect Dr. Amy Kedron as your next County Commissioner.

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