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Nancy R. asks: “How can I trust the candidate to keep the best interests of the people always in the forefront & not focus on personal gain?”

Nancy I think your question is one of the most important.

It’s funny how the likely success of a candidate is often judged by how much money they raise.  I am far outspent by my opponent but that also means I’m not bought.

Also I’m proud to say I have been asked to compromise my stance on home rule and small business investment to get large endorsements and contributions and I didn’t.  This link, which goes to an article about fracking explains why home rule is so important.  It allows our local elected officials to make important decisions like protecting our water quality from pro-fracking measures that the state has attempted to pass.

With so much focus on our public figures it is easy for them to forget that very little of what they are responsible for doing is actually about them, it’s about you.  But how do we keep our leaders honest?  I’m a big believer in following the money.  Candidates must disclose where their donations are coming from.  It’s on the Supervisor of Elections website.  If you look at it you can see who is invested in the candidate and what is likely to sway their vote away from the best interests of the people.

Unfortunately there is too much money in politics but it doesn’t need to be this way.  Candidates are expected to spend 90% of their time campaigning just raising money.  But for what?  To talk to the people.  I’ve decided it is better for me to spend time just talking to the people like we are doing right now.