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Amy’s Priorities and Accomplishments

Platform Points:

Healthy Water, Beaches & Habitats

Our beaches are what makes Pinellas County a truly spectacular place to live and visit.  From the start of this campaign, long before signs of Red Tide, healthy water has been Amy’s top priority.  This is why a starfish is part of the campaign logo.  Amy lives in Madeira Beach and has encountered the impact of Red Tide, first-hand.  She has interviewed beach employees, community members and small business owners impacted by Red Tide and she has been working with these constituents to come up with solutions.  As a cancer survivor, and as a green economy leader since 2006, Amy will make the health of our natural resources a top priority.  Unlike her opponent, Amy will never take donations from polluters like the fracking, oil or gas industry, nor will she allow fracking or drilling in Florida.  Certain issues simply aren’t negotiable.  Our beaches drive one-fifth of the Pinellas economy and it is imperative that we protect Florida’s greatest asset.  If Florida is on the front lines of climate change Amy will work to make sure Pinellas is on the front lines of climate solutions.  She will support renewable energy, public transportation, density, walkability, and many other sustainable initiatives.

Good Jobs & Small Business Expansion

Amy has worked at the forefront of economic development for twelve years to ensure that we are creating not only jobs but true community wealth.  She has worked to create living-wage jobs and she has worked with hundreds of small business owners to ensure that they are a top economic development priority.  Amy has written extensively about the importance of small business.  She has also spearheaded pivotal local policies and state laws to incentivize investment in women, minority-owned and green businesses at the local and corporate level.  Amy helped establish a Community Benefits Agreement for a multi-million-dollar development that left investors, workers and the community with a celebrated space that benefits all.  She is looking forward to doing more of this for Pinellas as well.

Pedestrian and Bike-Friendly Streets

Our region leads the nation in the number of pedestrian and bike-related deaths.  As an avid bicyclist, Amy will work to advance “Complete Streets” and establish roadways and infrastructure that allows all people to use our streets in a way that is easy, safe and enjoyable.  She has been a supporter of organizations like the St. Pete Bike Co-op.

 Strong Veteran Support

Amy will work to make sure that the well being of our veterans is a top priority.  She will work to ensure that veterans have access to the affordable housing, business opportunities and jobs they deserve.

Home Rule

The ability of local elected leaders to make decisions about what they feel is right for the community they know and love should never be dictated by Tallahassee.  All politics starts locally.   Unlike her opponent, Amy will ensure that the government officials that you elect in Pinellas will have the power to make decisions that directly affect our lives.  This is an integral part of ensuring democracy for all.

Amy’s Accomplishments:
  • Amy became the first person in her family to go to college.  She earned a Law Degree and a PhD and recently worked as a department head and professor of a business program at Ringling College.
  • She began managing personnel of 50 full-time people and a $6 million budget by the age of 19.
  • Published author on community economic development,
  • Took leadership to protect hundreds of Madeira Beach residents during  Hurricane Irma,
  • Established historic designation with Preserve the Burg to save a St. Pete neighborhood from being destroyed,
  • Founding CEO of an award-winning community development social enterprise that worked to expand small businesses and build a green economy,
  • Founding board member of a policy think tank associated with the Cornell School for Industrial and Labor Relations, which works to improve local policy in the areas of housing, healthcare, economic development, poverty reduction and social and environmental justice,
  • Worked to pass B-Corporation legislation to help large companies focus on people, our planet and shared prosperity,
  • Provided cost-saving environmental solutions and educational materials to business owners and consumers,
  • Worked to grow small business and create living-wage jobs,
  • Mobilized USF and Ringling College students to strengthen area organizations such as the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Courts, the St. Pete Bike Co-op and the Dali Museum,

If this is what Amy has accomplished before running for office, imagine what she can do for you as your next District 6 County Commissioner.