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Amy’s Red Tide Town Hall

Turning the Tide: Amy Kedron Campaign Hosts Town Hall Meeting

October 1st at 6pm at Faith Community Church

The Amy Kedron Campaign for the Pinellas County Commission is hosting a town hall meeting entitled, “Turning the Tide: Protecting our Waterways, Beaches and Green Spaces” to address two issues of critical concern to her District 6 constituents.

The town hall will take place on Monday, October 1st from 6-8 pm at the Faith Community Church located on 11501 Walker Ave in Seminole.

The town hall is an opportunity for Kedron and other public officials to listen to local homeowners, small business owners, and concerned citizens about what can be done to preserve and protect local waterways, beaches and green space. Issues of primary concern are the impact of Red Tide on residents and businesses and the protection of the Tides Golf Course, an historic golf course which residents are trying to save from developers.

“It’s important to me to spend time listening to what my community truly values and to craft a plan of action that reflects people’s needs. The goal is to establish practices that will allow our children and great-grandchildren to enjoy our public spaces the way we have.”

The idea for the town hall meeting arose after Kedron’s opponent decided to back out of a debate about green space preservation. The town hall meeting will now take place at the time and location of the cancelled debate.

“My campaign decided to turn this lost opportunity into a better one,” Kedron says.  “Instead of engaging in a debate, I can now spend more time listening to the community, and that’s what matters most.”

Since launching her campaign in May, Kedron’s top priority has been preserving waterways, beaches and habitat. Learn more about the event and Amy’s campaign at https://amykedron.com.