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Peters and Kedron compete for a seat on Board of County Commissioners

Nov. 6 ballot includes run-off elections for three School Board seats

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It’s been a lot of years since voters in District 6 had to choose a County commissioner with no incumbent on the ballot.

John Morroni, who died May 20 while still in office, served District 6 since 2000. On Nov. 6, residents who live in Feather Sound, Pinellas Park, Seminole, northeast St. Petersburg and the Gulf beaches from Redington Shores south will get a choice between Republican Kathleen Peters and Democrat Amy Kedron to take Morroni’s seat on the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners.

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People are Talking About Amy!

What People Have to Say about Amy:

“I’ve never voted Dem, not that I wouldnt, but never have, until Amy Kedron. Shes the only candidate here that gives a crap about our environment. Its FL people, not just your bread and tourist butter, but your surroundings!!!!”

-Sandi M.


“YOU are getting my vote because you are SO INVOLVED. The entire government needs more people like you, who get in there and DO things and don’t worry about fundraising and catering to lobbyists. <3″

-Danielle R.


“We greeted each other at “Hands along the Water”, I see tons of events you are attending and initiating. YOU are in the ” trenches”, listening to people and fighting for better. Anyone can sit at a desk, sign motions they have no knowledge of. You Maam, are wearing out shoes….and I thank you.”

-Deb P.


“Amy, Your meeting tonight was a living exercise in the power of democracy. I am awed by your dedication to PUBLIC SERVICE and your understanding of the creativity and impact that community members bring to addressing the issues they face. You provide a beacon of leadership and a commitment to rise above partisanship that can heal divisions. You are the future we deserve. Thank you for having the courage to undertake this arduous path to political office.”

-Susan M.


“I see your hard work posted on FB daily and I’m so jealous that you’re running in Florida instead of Buffalo. The work you did for local businesses in Buffalo, before the local movement had taken off, made a HUGE difference. Your constituents would be so lucky to have you as a representative, because Buffalo benefited just from having you as a active resident ❤️

-Jenna P.


“Dear Amy,  What a pleasure it was to hear you speak yesterday at St. Petersburg College…May your efforts inspire others to vote.  You are knowledgeable, intelligent and a true professional.  Your vision for the future is realistic and needs to be implemented.” —

-David L.


“I highly recommend Amy Kedron.  She genuinely cares about our environment and is firmly committed to being a green economy leader who will get things done! Come together right now! #VoteWater”

-Barbara E.


“Thank you for an informative evening. It was nice to have a candidate encourage an open and respectful dialogue on real local issues.”

-Amanda S.


Amy Kedron all the way! She is the real deal! We need her now more than ever.”

-Sara D.


“If you are running for a public office in FL, and the ENVIRONMENT and WATER are not your priority, dont waste taxpayers time. Thx Amy Kedron for being the only candidate whose actions speak louder than words!”

-Sandi M.


“Real solutions for Pinellas based on Pinellas peoples priorities- vote Amy Kedron!!”

-Susan S.


“Amy Kedron you are an amazing spirit of energy that can turn this (and other things) around! You understand the law, human rights, and fairness for people at all levels! The environment and doing what’s right for the greater good are your passions and I want your message to be heard loud and clear!” #amysupporter
-Barb M.


“This is the kind of leadership Florida needs.
Pinellas, vote Amy Kedron for County Commissioner.
We need a proven leader who knows how to create jobs, grow the economy, *and* save the environment while doing it.

Kathleen Peters is a Republican sellout. She votes for the toxic deregulation that caused our red tide and environmental catastrophe.  She was so bad, her own District didn’t even want her to represent them anymore.  Now she’s trying to sell snake oil to Pinellas — and we don’t need snake oil when we’re still cleaning up from an oil spill.

@AmyKedron is a *real* leader, who understands how to get things done in government, industry, and the community.

She built a massive economic development organization that created LOCAL jobs, fueled the growth of a *green* economy, and during Hurricane Irma she *stayed* to help her community prepare and organize for a natural disaster and emergency response that the state never prepared for or responded to.

And she did all of this *while fighting cancer*.

Kathleen Peters took money from lobbyists, to pass bills that destroyed our environment, endangered school kids for the sake of the NRA, and deprived healthcare from millions of Floridians.

Florida is the Sunshine State.
It’s time to say goodbye to political hurricanes like Kathleen Peters, and vote for real public leaders like Amy Kedron.

We deserve a breath of fresh air — literally and metaphorically.  Do Pinellas a favor, and vote for Amy Kedron for County Commissioner.  We have *everything* to gain.”

-Jhanavi P.




“I want my friends in district #6 to vote for the best County Commissioner candidate Amy Kedron.”  -Eliseo S.

Meet Amy! A Q & A by the League of Women Voters


Former CEO, college professor and published law scholar specializing in community development, small business expansion and the green economy. I helped start a policy think tank with Cornell ILR that improves healthcare, housing, economic, social and environmental policies.


SUNY Buffalo School of Law, JD SUNY Buffalo PhD Columbia University MA Columbia University MA SUNY Buffalo BA




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Ask Amy! You ask, she answers.

Send questions to amy@amykedron.com, subject line “Ask Amy” or through Facebook.

Nancy R. asks: “How can I trust the candidate to keep the best interests of the people always in the forefront & not focus on personal gain?”

Nancy I think your question is one of the most important.

It’s funny how the likely success of a candidate is often judged by how much money they raise.  I am far outspent by my opponent but that also means I’m not bought.

Also I’m proud to say I have been asked to compromise my stance on home rule and small business investment to get large endorsements and contributions and I didn’t.  This link, which goes to an article about fracking explains why home rule is so important.  It allows our local elected officials to make important decisions like protecting our water quality from pro-fracking measures that the state has attempted to pass.

With so much focus on our public figures it is easy for them to forget that very little of what they are responsible for doing is actually about them, it’s about you.  But how do we keep our leaders honest?  I’m a big believer in following the money.  Candidates must disclose where their donations are coming from.  It’s on the Supervisor of Elections website.  If you look at it you can see who is invested in the candidate and what is likely to sway their vote away from the best interests of the people.

Unfortunately there is too much money in politics but it doesn’t need to be this way.  Candidates are expected to spend 90% of their time campaigning just raising money.  But for what?  To talk to the people.  I’ve decided it is better for me to spend time just talking to the people like we are doing right now.


Democrat Amy Kedron announces run for Pinellas County Commission

Democrat Amy Kedron has officially announced her candidacy for the District 6 seat on the Pinellas County Commission. Incumbent John Morroni announced last year he would not seek reelection.

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Open Letter to Kathleen Peters on Common Sense Leadership During an Environmental Crisis

Dear Kathleen,

We need to stop campaigning and talk about environmental leadership.

Today I was contacted by a campaign supporter and was told that you have announced on television that you have suspended your campaign to address Hurricane Michael relief.  While my supporter knows that I have been addressing Florida’s environmental challenges for some time she encouraged me to do it more publicly to compete with you.  There is a better way.

While I applaud you for focusing on this tragedy I would like to encourage you to grow, and extend yourself further.

Real leaders quietly lead during challenging times. They don’t turn tragedy into photo-ops.

Five weeks ago Red Tide hit Pinellas hard.  Leaders said it was the worst they have ever seen.  In Pinellas the air and water has been toxic.  Schools stopped letting children play outside because the air was so bad; fish are dying by the “hundreds of tons;” small businesses are struggling as tourists stay home; and workers along our coast are losing money and are struggling to afford rent. I know one mother who sent her daughter away from the coast while the Hurricane Michael passed by because she was afraid of how the wind-driven toxic air would damage the health of her special needs child.

Kathleen we have had an environmental tragedy on our hands for five weeks.  Where have you been?

At the first sign of Red Tide I stopped fundraising to listen to my community’s needs.  I spent time interviewing workers on the front lines of the cleanup effort, shop owners who only made $15 in sales all day and local fishermen who could no longer fish because their headaches were too bad from the toxicity.  But I didn’t turn it into a photo-op.

Pinellas residents from across the political spectrum participated in a Town Hall meeting to plan solutions to Red Tide on October 1st.

Our community is getting the short end of the stick on Red Tide recovery.

Do you know that the disaster loans small businesses are being given is at an 18 percent rate?  That means someone is getting rich at their expense.  Do you know that Pinellas lifted the fertilizer ban as Red Tide reached our shores?  That means we are pouring gasoline on a burning fire because fertilizers feed harmful algal blooms.  Do you know that south of us, of all the people tested for the presence of harmful cyanobacteria toxins in their nasal passageways 100% tested positive?  Do you realize that the EPA says these toxins can cause nerve and liver damage?  Do you realize that the state currently has no uniform way to quantitatively test air quality and properly inform the public?  Do you realize our community has had a crisis on its hands for five weeks?

After the Red Tide tragedy happened, I reached out to national legal and policy experts regarding the health of our water.  I organized a town hall meeting to bring constituents from across the political spectrum together and come up with a detailed plan of action and then I drafted a policy proposal to make it happen.  Also, as a recent cancer survivor, I did this as the toxic air in my own beachfront neighborhood brought back painful nerve damage that I sustained during chemotherapy.

What did you do?

You hid.

You canceled multiple public speaking engagements with me to discuss the impact of Red Tide and other issues.

Even as I publicly called you out for this you continued to hide.

One of those speaking engagements was with a chamber of commerce that represents businesses hit by Red Tide.  Why would you not face your constituents during such a critical time?  Could it be because you are ashamed of your record on beach privatization, fracking and taking money from big polluters?  Were you afraid I would bring this up?

Instead you made up a lie.  When you cancelled one of our debates you sent copies of the Tampa Bay Times’ hit pieces about me to the debate organizer and you told him that you are a mental health professional (you aren’t).  You told him that in your professional opinion you don’t think I’m stable and that you are afraid to be in the same room as me–all 100 pounds of me.  (If you were a mental health professional you would know that making such claims is a legal and ethical violation).  While you hid, you paid for the internet ad, “TheRealAmyKedron” so that you could spread more misinformation about me.  Earlier in the campaign you promised me you would stick to the issues and not engage in negative campaigning.  I’m still sticking to the issues.

But worst of all, you kept campaigning.  You sent e-mail appeals to raise more money for yourself during this tragedy.  Last week someone hosted a fancy fundraiser for you at $1000 per ticket while your community struggled.  It is still struggling.  But during this time you raised tens of thousands of dollars.

It wasn’t until Tampa Bay Times reporter, Mark Puente, tried to call me out for being outspent last week that I quietly announced that I had suspended my campaign fundraising and many appearances to focus on helping my community instead.  I didn’t politicize tragedy.  This is “Sensible Leadership,” Kathleen.

Kathleen Peters I call on you to give the money you raised during the five weeks of the Red Tide crisis back to your donors and tell them to donate it to Hurricane Michael and Red Tide relief instead.  Or perhaps donate the funds you have left over at the end of your race.  You have far out-raised me so you have nothing to worry about.  It is not right to hide behind one tragedy to avoid dealing with another tragedy that your state voting record helped create.

Also Kathleen, I call on you to do something about Red Tide.

Apologize for your past record on not protecting our shores and vow to do better.  Vow to stop taking dirty fossil fuel money directly or through your PACs as you have. Pledge to the public that you will adopt, implement and enforce my Red Tide Plan if you are elected to office. Tell your donors to help set up a fund to implement the Red Tide Plan and assist families, businesses workers and the environment long-term.

Let’s suspend both of our campaigns and spend the rest of campaign season addressing the tragedy in our community together.  My campaign slogan is #ComeTogetherRightNow and I would be happy to put politics aside and work with you on bi-partisan leadership to leave a positive legacy in our community.

This is “Sensible Leadership,” Kathleen. I hope you agree.


Dr. Amy Kedron

Amy’s Latest Interview with Mark Puente of the Tampa Bay Times

Since blogging about the tabloid-style Tampa Bay Times reporting about my campaign by Mark Puente, I have finally gotten questions from Puente that are more fair and actually allow me to talk about the merits of this campaign.  This interview has not been published in The Times yet, but here is a sneak preview of my answers.  Let’s compare it to what The Times actually covers:


How is the campaign going?

We have refocused our campaign to address the impact of Red Tide/Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) on public health and our beachfront economy. Half of my district runs along the Gulf and my constituents are facing serious challenges. Poor air/water quality has reduced tourism and small businesses and workers are feeling the impact.


What makes you a better candidate than your opponent? 

All of my donations come from people and small businesses, not special interests or polluters.

Peters has accepted donations from major polluters and has voted for state laws that threaten our water, environment and public health. I never will.


What is your strategy to reach as many voters as possible in the coming weeks?

I have worked mobilize my party to work collectively toward a Blue Wave. This is why may campaign slogan is Come Together Right Now: there is strength in unity.


What is your plan to move Pinellas County forward?

I am a green economy leader who will represent a beachfront economy that is confronting environmental challenges such as Red Tide, sea level rise and climate change. I plan to protect our natural resources and grow a strong beachfront economy.


What are your three biggest campaign priorities? 

I drafted a policy plan to mitigate the impact of Red Tide/HABs that includes:

  1. Protecting public health with proper research, signage, and education.
  2. Giving grants and low-interest loans to small business to help them recover.
  3. Strengthening water, land and environmental management policies to reduce the impact of Red Tide/HABs now and in the future.

My full plan is on my website: https://amykedron.com/2018/10/07/amys-red-tide-plan/



How are you overcoming the lack of name recognition in a Republican district? 

I lead in times of crisis and I focus on our common interests: a healthy environment, strong community and thriving economy. I have earned the respect and support of several Republican voters.


Peters raised $41,000 in the last reporting period. You raised $300. How will you overcome a well-funded opponent? 

Candidates should be leaders first, not piggy-banks. As soon as Red Tide / Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) impacted my district, I stopped fundraising to help.

I held a town hall meeting, interviewed those impacted and worked with experts to draft policies to address the short and long-term impact of toxic algae on public health and the local economy.

Amy’s Red Tide Plan

Have you sent any mailers throughout District 6?

Not yet.


Is there anything I should know about your campaign?

I started my leadership career at the age of 19 overseeing a $6 million budget and managing personnel for over 50 full-time workers. Area leaders have said I have the most impressive resume they’ve ever seen.


UPDATE: I posted this interview to my blog on 10/11/18, the day I e-mailed my interview answers to Mark Puente.  I did this to ensure transparency.  On 10/14/18 Kathleen Peters announced on television that she was suspending her campaign to assist with Hurricane Michael relief.  Only after Kathleen’s announcement did Mark Puente run parts of this interview on 10/15/18.   Read it here.  Read about new evidence that confirms that Kathleen Peters knew and understood the malicious intent of my campaign coverage by the Tampa Bay Times here.   The Tampa Bay Times is the only major newspaper in our region and it holds itself out as the recipient of 12 Pulitzer Prizes.  It has tremendous influence over political races in this area and has recently been sued for defamatory coverage of Democratic candidate Jeff Greene for $500 Million.  They settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.


Amy’s Red Tide Plan

Addressing the Short and Long-Term Impact of Red Tide/Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) © 10/6/18

Red Tide is a naturally occurring phenomenon but evidence shows human activity such as runoff from lawn fertilizers, cow pastures, agriculture, sewer systems and septic systems is feeding these Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) making them more wide-spread and long-lasting.  The toxin that has killed several hundred tons of marine life in Pinellas County is also affecting local air quality and can impact public health.

Since Red Tide arrived on our shores, Amy has spent time interviewing clean up crews, small business owners and residents about their experience.  She has also sponsored a special Town Hall about Red Tide to help the community to share their concerns and come up with solutions to this economic and environmental challenge.  She has also spent time talking with Waterkeepers, environmental attorneys, meteorologists and other officials to help address this challenge.

As a result, Amy has established a list of policy recommendations that she plans to implement as a Pinellas County Commissioner.  The plan will help reduce the harmful impact of Red Tide in the coming weeks and years.   We would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.  You are invited to share your feedback at amy@amykedron.com.

Amy is proud that Healthy Water and Beaches has been her top campaign priority since it began.  This is why the starfish is part of her campaign logo.  As a recent cancer survivor she understands the connection between a environmental and human health.  Amy has worked at the forefront of the green economy for twelve years and is looking forward to implementing solutions that helps our ecosystem, economy and community thrive.  Unlike her opponent Amy will never take donations from major polluters; she will protect Florida’s precious waters from fracking, oil drilling and other pollutants and she will ensure that our beaches remain publicly accessible.


Amy’s Red Tide Plan:




  • Find and employ more quantitative and efficient ways to monitor air and water quality to keep the public more regularly informed.
  • Educate the public about ways to document the impact of HABs on their health.
  • Educate local businesses about ways to document the physical and economic impact of HABs on businesses and workers.


Public Health

  • Ensure there is adequate signage on beaches regarding water and air quality.
  • Educate the public about ways to avoid HABs and their effects.
  • Establish a reliable way to monitor air quality and alert the community as we do with water quality.


Water Quality

  • Immediately extend and enforce the ban on fertilizers during HABs.
  • Incentivize Florida Friendly landscaping practices to use less water and chemicals.
  • Minimize sewage overflows by diverting rainwater into the ground through more emphasis on downspout disconnects, rain barrels, swales, rain gardens and permeable pavement.
  • Re-establish and enforce septic system inspections.


Local Business

  • Immediately work with state leaders to advocate for small business disaster loans below the 18 percent rate.
  • Educate small businesses about disaster support services and work with area agencies to assist businesses with applications.
  • Work with state leaders to extend the deadline for disaster loans beyond Nov/Dec if needed.
  • Allocate more of the County budget toward strengthening impacted businesses with grants and business development assistance.



  • If legal claims are pursued against major polluters, work to ensure the claims of homeowners, small business owners and others are adequately processed and awarded.


Sign our Red Tide Plan petition here to help make a difference.